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Wedding ring 2

Width: 5,0 mm
Weight: 8,50 g
Price: 13 000 Kč for a couple
Price with diamond: 13 900 Kč for a couple

Predominantly glossy wedding rings with matted oblique groove around the perimeter of the ring. These wedding rings are at the base of white gold with a groove formed by soldering with pieces of yellow gold. It is a simple design, which in the women's version is embellished by a stone in the middle groove. The men's ring when worn on a finger can be turned to either side and yet stays unchanged. Also women’s rings can be made without a stone. The rings are also practical for wearing since the matting is hidden in the groove and thus cannot be worn out. The rings can be adjusted in their profile shape, width and the colour of gold.

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Wedding ring 2
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