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What adjustments can be made on wedding rings?

Wedding rings and all other jewellery are hand made by using traditional manufacturing techniques. We want to offer our customers a high quality alternative to machine made, mostly imported produce.


The advantage of manual work is mainly a personal approach to customer’s requirements. It is based on the fact that each piece of jewellery is made individually and it is therefore an original.

Therefore all parameters of any piece of jewellery can be adjusted according to your taste. With machine casting method of production that is not possible, the appearance of a ring is given ahead by a shape the forms.


Within our collection of wedding rings we are able to make following adjustments:

Profile shapes of the wedding rings - all the models in our collection may have equal angular or curved rounded shape. Or a bowing can be made from the inside of a ring according to your wishes - lenticular shape. In that case, please regard an increased weight and a higher the price of the rings.

Colours and colour combination of the wedding rings - all patterns of the jewellery can be produced in a colour range different from that shown in the sampler, e.g. white rings can be made of yellow or white rings with a yellow groove in the middle can be formulated as yellow rings with a white groove and vice versa.

Width of the wedding rings – if some of the rings in our sampler seem too wide to you, they can be narrowed as well asthe narrow ones widened.

Thickness of the wedding rings – the robustness of a ring can be increased by bowing it from the inside. This has the effect of a lenticular shape, which allows the ring to be easily taken off and put on, and larger stones can be embedded in such a ring.

Number of stones embedded in a ring - yes, even the number of embedded stones can be changed. For example, if there are five stones embedded in the groove we can add extra number of stones. If the stones are mounted all around the ring they can be halved in number or vice versa. On request we also embed the rings with diamonds instead of zircons.

Size of stones embedded in a ring - the stones may be larger or smaller than those of the samples, then distances of the grooves are adjusted to the sizes of the stones. The stones in ladies rings can be completely removed or extra stones in men rings can be added. The distance between particular
stones can be changed as well as their location. The rings are embedded mostly with zircons or diamonds of a diameter of 1.5 to 1.9 mm.

Distances between the horizontal grooves - the horizontal grooves can be adjusted. As a result the edge passage of the ring is narrower and the middle passage of the ring is wider than in the sample and vice versa.

Shape of the rounded grooves – a number of our designs have curved grooves in which are often embedded stones in ladies' version. I can also be optioned the number of the grooves around the perimeter of the ring- 2x, 4x, or 6x. Their width can be optioned too.

As apparent from the above, you can have the design of your wedding ring changed to your taste completely. With our assistance you can design your own ring that will best underline your personality. At the same time you needn’t be worried that the resulting product would not look good.

We had a lot of experience and sufficient imagination with the production of wedding rings. So, in the case you invented a design that would not look good in its final appearance we would propose and direct you to a better solution. Another option is to bring your own design and we will produce the rings after it.

There is no additional charge for any changes in the design of wedding rings unless the weight of the rings or the work intensity of the production increases.