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Some bits about the production of wedding rings

For the production of wedding rings we use the hardest gold alloy in order to reduce the weariness of the material to minimum. We produce from the hardest and the whitest gold alloys available on the market.


With our rings made of white gold there is no undesirable colour change after weariness rhodium, rings never turn even slightly yellow, even any scratches on them will be only slightly visible. The white rings combined with yellow and red gold do not show any changes in colours over their lifetime at all because the final colour is achieved by stacking multiple pieces of different colours of gold, never just their surface staining.

The embedding of the stones especially is taken with a great care. The quality of embedding the stones is several ways controlled during the production.

We provide full service, warranty and post-warranty, which includes an adjustment of the size of a ring. Moreover, you can also leave the surface restored so your rings will therefore look new even after years of wearing.

We believe that for anyone who is looking for original, stylish and well-made rings at affordable cost, our rings are the right choice.